Dezember 27 | 2021

Screening expert welcomes Home Office confirmation of Digital Identity for Right to Work checks

Background screening expert, Sterling, has welcomed the news today from the Home Office that th...

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November 15 | 2021

Employers reveal preference for digital identity c...

A survey of over 300 recruiters and employers has revealed that a significant nu...

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September 22 | 2021

Sterling Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offer...

September 6 | 2021

Skills demand should not be a driver of poor emplo...

Rising vacancy numbers will drive an increase in reliance on ‘giggers’ and contingent professionals, bringing vital hiring agility for many businesses and much needed employment for candidates. However, the urgency to fill these positions should not come at the expense of a robust background screening program or employers may expose themselves...

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August 26 | 2021

Screening expert calls on the Home Office to use R...

Background screening and identity services firm, Sterling, has welcomed the dela...

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Juli 12 | 2021

Sterling launches dedicated online resource for th...

Juni 24 | 2021

Employers still struggling with post-Brexit Immigr...

Less than a third of employers are comfortable with the new UK immigration rules post-Brexit, according to recent research from background screening and identity services company Sterling. In an online poll, Sterling found that only 23% of UK businesses were comfortable with the new regulations, with over a third (35%) stating they weren’t co...

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Background Check Compliance: The Mistakes You Could be Making Without Realising

Conducting background checks on candidates is a must-have for employers wanting to meet regulatory obligations or mitigate the cost, safety and reputational risk of a bad hire. But there are vital compliance considerations which must be adhered to along the way. In this session Steve Smith will reflect on unique Sterling research and explore the typical pitfalls which hiring firms must avoid. Learn from real-life errors made by other employers and get practical guidance on how you can develop a robust background screening programme.

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Überprüfungen von Führungszeugnissen

Unsere umfassenden Hintergrund-Screenings erhöhen das Sicherheitsniveau, damit Sie schnellere und bessere Einstellungsentscheidungen treffen können.

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Beschäftigung und Aktivitätsverifizierung

Wir validieren im Vorfeld anhand von gründlichen Verifizierungsdienstleistungen, die von unserer eigenen leistungsstarken Fulfilment-Engine gestützt werden, wen Sie einstellen.

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Globale Hintergrundüberprüfungen

Expertise und Technologie, um die Komplexität von Hintergrund-Screenings einer internationalen Belegschaft zu bewältigen.

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